Live-GIF New Year’s Eve

Tumblr partnered with the Times Square Alliance and Livestream to create a “Live-GIF” experience on New Year’s Eve. Animated GIFs will be created of the live performances all the way to the ball dropping.

From PSFK,

Tumblr has selected three talented GIF makers from their large community of bloggers to work with the Livestream team to customize and create animated GIFs for the duration of the evening’s broadcast. All of these GIFs will be uploaded to, Tumblr’s permanent home for live-GIF action. Tumblr users will then be able to reblog and share their favorite moments from Times Square in GIF form.Tumblr Will ‘Live-GIF’ The New Years Eve Ball Drop Countdown

Why I’m Curious

While turning moments from a real-life interaction or event isn’t new, I thought it was really neat that this was happening in real-time.

I’m curious to see the pay off of the real-time aspect, as most people are out and about on New Year’s Eve, not on Tumblr. Either way, it’s exciting to see the industry going into 2013 with something new.


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