Publish Your Own NYTimes

nyt compendiumFrom the NYT:

Compendium invites readers of The New York Times like you to use articles, imagery, videos, and quotations to tell your own stories using New York Times content. Each collection has a description that you can use to introduce the collection as a whole, and each item in your collection has a place for you to describe what was important, interesting, or funny about it. Once created, you can share your collection or link to it from anywhere. Compendium is also a great place to discover and explore interesting stories through a wide variety of collections created by our readers, editors, and reporters.

Why I’m Curious

In an interesting twist on the idea of authorship, the NYT is providing readers with the opportunity to make their own editorial voices heard. While providing the general public with their own editorial channels is certainly not a new idea, it’s interesting to see a publisher with the status and reputation of the NYTimes offer readers the freedom to curate, customize, and share their own “versions” of the publication.

From a brand standpoint, instead of telling your story online through bits and pieces of disparate web content (that may or may not be credible), you have the opportunity now to weave nicely packaged narratives about your product/service/whatever you want to talk about with the backing of some of the world’s most respected journalistic content.


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