MINI Launches Psychic Campaign

MINI wanted to promote their Roadster as a car that will lead you to exciting adventures, so to encourage people that their best days were ahead of them and not behind them they created ‘psychic’ ads that could read people’s future.

Digital Buzz Blog reports that they offered users personalized psychic readings powered by their IP address, which made them look like they knew the person.

Digital agency Profero developed the fully integrated campaign for MINI, targeting men aged 35-45. The multi-platform campaign included website takeovers, digital display advertising, TV and outdoor ads. These drove people online to search for the ‘Psychic Roadster’ and have a reading about what they could encounter in the future with their accomplice the MINI Roadster. Through aspects such as weather API and the etymology around their name, the journey delivers a humorous and engaging experience that culminates in having their future predicted.

Why I’m Curious: While this is a bit creepy to think that a brand is stalking your web data, it’s a reality we are living in and I think MINI leverages these assets in a very creative way. I’m fascinated by how consumers seem to be so drawn to elements of magic and MINI capitalizes on this human desire in a way that celebrates its new Roadster.


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