Mevoked – Don’t Just Search the Internet…Feel It

– Jordan

Mevoked allows users to stumble on content from around the Internet based on moods. It is a news aggregator that gives you options for discovering content feelings including sad, surprised, amused, happy, anxious, angry, and disgusted.

With each click of the mouse Mevoked displays content that others have categorized to be the feeling associated with it.

Mevoked | Home

Why I’m curious:

Things that reflect deep emotional responses in people are the ones that go “viral” and spread. These deep emotions stir up things inside us that cause us to take action and create conversation. Many memes and viral videos tap into these emotions and are a big reason why they become popular. I find it interesting to categorize content based on emotion because in a way it would be curating the greatest content online, because the content that each individual considers to be “good” are the ones that effectives stir their emotions.


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