Brands Can Visually Monitor Logo Presence on Instagram

Gazemetrix is a startup by UberLabs that uses image recognition technology to help brands better understand their Instagram presence. Using its ability to identify photographed objects, the software searches for brand logos, so brands can see how their products are appearing on the social networking site.

Of the 25 brands GazeMetrix is tracking, Starbucks is tops in terms of the volume of photos featuring its logo. Runners-up are Coca-Cola, BMW, Monster Energy, Google and Corona.


Unlike other Instagram-based sites like Gramfeed, Statigram, and Nitrogram, Gazemetrix has grown from a cloud-computing startup and will be able to be applied across platforms. In fact, the software company plans to apply its technology for both Twitter and Facebook; it would also be interesting to see them apply their analytics to Pinterest as well.

Why Am I Curious?

We continuously get questions around how many times a brand mentioned on social media and what people are saying. Yet, we know that especially in the case of social media – where people have the attention span of a goldfish, a photo is worth a thousand words. It is interesting that we can now look into what people are saying about brands via their photos and can take into considerations when evaluating social reach.


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