A Tweeple-Powered Clothing Launch

Allen Solly recently launched their new collection of clothing with what they deemed a ‘tweeple-powered’ billboard.

A large billboard fitted with 60 shirts. Behind each shirt was a solenoid (a coil wound into a tightly packed helix) wired to a computer. Every tweet that included the hashtag #RainingSolly would cause a random solenoid to inch forward until finally a random shirt would fall and a lucky observer could grab it. (More at PSFK)

Why I’m Curious

Much like the Kellogg’s social currency example we looked at back in September, this ‘tweeple-powered’ billboard is rewarding social mentions with something tangible. The campaign undoubtedly boosted brand mentions and created some content (the video) which was spread across Facebook as well (+14K likes and nearly 450 shares). Using the solenoids to randomly push shirts forward also added a nice element of surprise and extended the life of the campaign past 60 tweets.

I’m curious to see how this idea of earning physical goods for social mentions continues to evolve, and again, hoping they bring something like this to New York soon!





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