Uniqlo Introduces the GIF Box

Uniqlo launched their holiday promotion that includes the 2012 Word of the Year, GIF. Visitors enter their email on Uniqlo’s website to open the gift box and view the animation and receive a discount coupon.

Uniqlo GIF

From PSFK,

They can share the cute GIFs (such as a dancing Santa in front of a colorful Uniqo-branded wall) with family and friends via Facebook or Twitter. Mashable reports that most of the coupons are for $5 off any purchase over $50 at Uniqlo.com made before the end of the year. There are one hundred boxes containing a rare GIF and a special coupon that rewards visitors with 100% off everything at Uniqlo, up to $500.

Why I’m Curious

Between the general popularity of the GIF this past year, and their increasing role with brands, I thought this was a fun a quirky way for Uniqlo to end the year and promote their winter clothing. Granted, they now have my email address and I’ll be added to their mailing list, but it’s fun, painless and everyone receives a $5 coupon.


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