The Chihuly App

For the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts’ Dave Chihuly exhibit, The Martin Agency created a mobile experience inspired by the glassblower’s work. “The Chihuly App,” lets you design your own virtual creations using  your iPhone’s microphone. After picking one of three forms, users  blow into their phone to change the shape of the virtual glass and create a piece of art, which can then be shared to the museum’s Facebook page.

Why I’m Curious: I’m interested in how museums are using utilizing digital, social and mobile technologies to enhance, supplement and re-craft the visitor experience (you can read a full article about this on Code and Construct). The VMFA has made Chihuly’s work relevant to a wider audience but has also engaged them in a mobile experience that goes beyond just using your finger so swipe or drag. The use of the microphone/one’s breathe is another example of how to use technology to give people the feeling of using magic.


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