Subtexter Exposes the True Message Behind Social Media


– Jordan

From Creativity Online:

Newcastle Brown Ale, along with Droga5, continue on their mission to take the bull caca out of beer advertising and its snooty cultural counterparts with the #NoBollocks Subtexter Facebook app. It allows you to take photos of tropical sunsets, suntan-oil slicked skin and fancy feasts, and inscribe upon them what you’re really trying to say by broadcasting them to the social media-verse. To support the app, on December 10 the agency will unveil street art murals in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and install in-bar goodies like coasters and tap handles in local establishments.


Why I’m curious:

There is an increasing trend to play off the ridiculous of social media, many brands are alluding to the subtext of social media as a weapon for those who are actually using the platform. (See Mitsubishi Ends Pretentiousness)  Im curious because I believe the success of such campaigns hinders wanting to have the same people who use the platform call themselves or others out for using the platform. Many are very aware that they post their bragging rights online but they are very careful to call out others, simply because they dont want to be called out themselves.

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