SMARTeacher Taps into Emotion to Help Kids Learn Math

As more and more classes and institutions make their way online, one thing that’s often not accounted for is real-time feedback. Canadian SMARTeacher has come up with a PC math game that not only recognizes children’s emotions as they learn, but also adapts the game accordingly.

The game targets children aged 6 through 11 and uses an immersive approach and a wizard fantasy world to teach kids more than 200 math skills spanning grades one through five. Aligned with Ontario’s Math Curriculum and the Common Core State Standards, Prodigy has been found to improve kids’ skill proficiency by 15 percent and to increase the number of kids who “like” or “love” math by 24 percent, the company says.

What’s particularly compelling about the game, however, is SMARTeacher’s wireless emotion-sensing bracelet, due in early 2013, that uses lie-detector technology to recognize kids’ emotions. So, for example, if a child is beginning to feel frustrated, the game might offer a hint in response; if he or she is feeling bored, it will step up the difficulty level. Results-driven reporting is also available to help parents and teachers keep tabs on kids’ progress.


Why I’m Curious

This program takes the relatively new trend of personal data beyond just monitoring results into real-time optimizations.  It creates opportunities beyond education, into health, lifestyle, language, relationships, travel and more.

I can imagine a version of Nike Fuel Band that partners with certain gym equipment (treadmills, bikes) to adjust difficulty based on the data it collects from the on-person device.  Or stylish bracelets by Rosetta Stone that tailor language learning to each individual.  What other applications can you see for emotional tech?

via Springwise


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