Photobooth Captures Public Displays of Love (and Hate) for Marmite

Screen shot 2012-12-07 at 1.32.00 PM

Marmite is providing some entertainment for pedestrians passing through London’s Oxford Street this holiday season. They’ve installed a photo booth in a bus shelter outside Selfridge’s which invites people to show their love or hate for Marmite. Once the photo is snapped, the pictures are then projected into an interactive display above the busy shopping area.

The campaign is promoting Marmite Gold (which includes gold flecks to make your toast more sparkly) during the holidays and also lives on the brand’s Facebook page where users can upload a photo from their webcam to participate as well. (More as PSFK)

Why I’m Curious

It’s a simple idea: everyone wants their five minutes of fame. Marmite is simply giving the the opportunity to have it and displaying it in festive, flashy way that people passing by will definitely be curious about (and possibly compelled them to purchase some sparkly spread at a nearby store).  And for a spread that most everyone that has tried it has a strong opinion about (much like a certain condiment we know) it is a simple ask to show your love or hate for Marmite.

We’ve seen lots of interesting on-the ground campaigns in London (like cakes dispensed from a bus stop) but fortunately there’s isn’t often an opportunity to participate from home. What I particularly liked about this campaign is that for everyone that isn’t in London, they snap a picture, share it, and then possibly see your shining face above Oxford Street.



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