Music discovery on Spotify gets personal

A new section, which Spotify is labeling “DISCOVER,” surfaces content such as songs, playlists, and live-performance videos that Spotify users haven’t discovered yet but which they may like based on their past listening habits. The section is laid out in a visual-driven experience incorporating images and videos in a big-tile grid that has some traces of Pinterest.

Why I am Curious

  • The functionality is not new, but it is now offered by the platform that most music enthusiasts have chosen to use.
  • It’s like “behavioral targeting” 2.0. Leverages users’ self-selected actions (= opt-ins) to deliver what’s relevant for them (which could be even more powerful if combined with methodologies like Pandora’s Music Genome Project, vs. machine-listening or other forms of automated data extraction).
  • It offers “another new canvas for us to look at the right way for brands to participate in the music experience” (Spotify Chief Advertising Officer Jeff Levick, Thurs 12/6/12).
  • It’s about things people want to do/enjoy (vs. what we want them to do): “Fits in nicely with the move in the digital-media industry to create new types of ad formats that rise above the banner ad” (AdAge).

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