Diesel wants you off the Internet

To celebrate the 20th anniversary and re-release of their iconic 1993 Yuk sneaker, the denim giant is going old school, before the Internet flooded our lives. Diesel has had it and as a reaction, instituting a state of emergency that calls for us all to stay off of our social networks for 3 days in order to reconnect with our non-digital lives.

The campaign, titled the Diesel Pre-Internet Experience, asks those who choose to take the pledge, to resist from updating their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for 3 days and in turn enter to win a contest for 20 pairs of iconic Yuk sneakers. The brand then leaves an “out-of-office” style post on your social network page stating that you’ve “gone offline and are enjoying the Diesel pre-Internet experience.”

Why I’m Curious: Aside from the humourous tone woven through out this campaign, I enjoy how Diesel slyly disseminates their social message by slighting the use of said social media feeds. I find it clever how the brand encourages Internet addicts (which, at this point, is all of us) to challenge our relationship with the very tool of communication the brand is using to get out their message across.


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