Curating Meaning



Smartphones have made it easier than ever before to take pictures and videos at any moment, but documenting our lives excessively may make it harder to keep track of the truly important things from one day to the next.

That’s the logic behind 1 Second Everyday, an iPhone app proposed on Kickstarter, which prompts users to capture one second of footage each day to create a curated and definitive film reel of their lives.

With 1 Second Everyday, users can compile videos from their phone’s camera roll, other video apps, or capture new clips within the app and then use the edit tools to trim each down to one second. Each clip gets timestamped and assigned to a day on a calendar, so you can easily search for a clip from a specific date, or else watch all your videos in chronological order.

Other recently launched apps have encouraged users to capture a visual or written chronicle of their lives. Everyday, for example, prompts users to snap a picture of their face each day to see how they change over time, while organizes one’s social networking activity into a daily diary. But this is capitalizing on the power and prominence of video.

Why I’m Curious?

The opportunity for brands to use this curated video content to tell the stories of their brands.


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