Blu Dot Introduces Musical Chairs on Twitter

Furniture maker Blu Dot created an online version of Musical Chairs utilizing Twitter. The company will be giving out its new Hot Mesh Chairs to the winner of “Tweet for a Seat”.

The game is fairly simple, Twitter users must tweet a secret phrase (such as “Some chairs got it. Some chairs don’t. #bludot”) to grab a seat when the music stops, and the fastest ones will grab a seat in the next round. The game continues until only one person remains, earning the Blu Dot Hot Mesh Chair. Games began on December 3rd, and participants can follow Blu Dot on Twitter to find out when the next game is.

Why I’m Curious

I think the idea is fairly simple, but creates a great opportunity for people to be engaged and actively promote a brand on Twitter. The idea of doing an action to secure a seat has been implemented in other campaigns for plane tickets and sports games, but having the entire experience on Twitter instead of incorporating miscrosites or Facebook apps is interesting and can make the entire experience simpler as well.


Share your thoughts.

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