Revenge of the nerds


They will ultimately have their revenge and rule over us all.

Well… so long as they stop focusing on things like this:

Star Wars fans build life sized Millennium Falcon


Death Star petition on White House site

Why I’m curious?

In the world of crowd sourced content its always interesting to see what things struggle (mostly branded) and what things absolutely go viral and capture global attention.

Sure – there is a bit of lazy thinking here, and I admit corralling a bunch of Star Wars nerds to do something well.. nerdy, is akin to posting a cute cat on Facebook. However, there is also something brands can learn too.

That is, if you want your crowd sourcing campaign (or anything digital really) to fly its always better to understand what makes your audience tick and if at all possible try to leverage and use the “hoops they are already jumping through” rather than “creating new hoops of your own”.

Share your thoughts.

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