World’s First Real Time Photo Gallery

Sony recently introduced the world’s first ‘Real Time Gallery’ experience.

The exhibition allows visitors to appreciate the work of three photographers from the moment the shots were taken. Visitors immersed themselves in the cultures of London, Paris and Berlin as local photographers travelled across each city for the evening, capturing their journeys and transporting images into a gallery in central London.

Sony partnered with three photographers, based in these iconic European cities, who were given the creative task of ‘capturing the light’ of their home cities. Each was armed with Sony’s latest NEX-5R camera, complete with built in Wi-Fi allowing them to send photos directly to the gallery in London from their separate locations across Europe.

As the night developed, 14 screens on the gallery walls were filled with over 200 images sent through in real time demonstrating parallels and contrasts between each city and the people that live there.

Why I’m Curious: I find this campaign to be such a lovely and innovative solution to driving awareness around new product offerings. Not only did Sony brilliantly show off the functionality of their new NEW-5R camera with its DSLR sensor and built in Wi-Fi, but they created a world first. I’m curious how brands will continue to explore real time photo sharing opportunities and deepen brand community experience in the process.


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