Snap and share.

Oh, the QR code. So hyped, so misunderstood, so underwhelming. But people are still trying. Specifically, a newish service called TagMyDoc.

The idea behind TagMyDoc is to assign a QR code to a document, and allow others to scan the code on the document to download a copy. People can also then comment and follow your document from there. So rather than trying to track down email addresses and attaching wieldy documents, this service enables simple sharing and easy storage, granted everyone has a smartphone and a QR code reader.

Why I’m Curious

QR codes just won’t go away, will they? I’m neither here nor there around them, but I can get behind it when the QR code is used in a relevant, contextual way. But this begs the question: with services like Dropbox and Google Drive and Docs available, what’s the benefit of TagMyDoc?


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