Red Stripe Turns Bodega into Musical Instruments

Red Stripe hacked an ordinary corner shop in East London to play a tune when someone took a Red Stripe out of the fridge. Products on store shelves and objects on the floor were modified as well, and turned into unlikely instruments.

From PSFK,

Noodle pots became maracas, bottles turned into trumpets, and cans into a xylophone. Ten hidden cameras were also planted in order to catch the shoppers’ reactions. The musical store brought a slice of Jamaica to the UK.

Why I’m Curious

We’ve seen so many interesting and innovative things from beer brands week over week. From QR codes to RFID chips, beer brands continuously use new technologies to create a stunt out of their product. I think it’s also interesting how it never stops at just the stunt or technology, but always filmed to create additional legs for the campaign.

I’m curious as whether another industry can pull off stunt after stunt, or if the product has to be fun and liked by consumers.



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