Pop Secret Makes it Easier to Find Movies Online

Screen shot 2012-11-30 at 9.46.51 AM

– Jordan

From Creativity Online:

Could the days of browsing movie theater websites be numbered? Launched by PopSecret, Pop Search is a Google Chrome add-on via Deutsch L.A., that instantly pulls together the best places to watch any movie online. Highlight a movie title you see on any website, right-click to search it, and Pop Search tells you where you can watch it right now. Alternatively you can simply type a title into the search field to find your chosen movie. It’s part of Pop Secret Labs, an ongoing project by the agency and the popcorn company to come up with cool new digital tools to make the brand synonymous with movie-watching. The tool was developed in partnership with CanIStream.It.

Why I’m curious:

This idea from Pop Secret has nothing to do with popcorn, yet everything to do with popcorn. Brands now have to offer more than just great products, they have to offer other utilities to consumers in order to win them over and turn them into advocates for their brand.

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