‘Kapture’ Moments, Get Rewarded

Screen shot 2012-11-30 at 1.25.25 PMScreen shot 2012-11-30 at 1.31.43 PM

Kapture is an app that combines elements of Instagram and Foursquare to reward users for being ‘brand ambassadors.’

Businesses create pages and ‘moments’ to capture. Each moment is specific to the business – snap a picture of the newest menu item at a restaurant or your new outfit from a boutique. The apps turns your photo into a ‘polaroid’ and slaps on a logo from the business on the bottom. Once the user uploads the photo to Kapture (and also to Facebook and Twitter) they instantly receive a reward (discount code, special offer etc) on their phone to redeem at the business (which can be used immediately, saved for later, or gifted to a friend).

Why I’m Curious

Lots of people already take pictures of their food, new clothes, and other purchases – which makes Kapture a really great idea. But what makes Kapture less likely to be used (in my mind) is the fact that users have to open different apps to share moments they’re already sharing on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. What I’d more interested to see is a Kapture button within an app like Instagram that would alert business about the activity and still allow them to reward customers.


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