Durex #1share1condom

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Durex has just released a great social campaign for World AIDS Day called #1share1condom, which encourages people to share facts about HIV in exchange for donating free condoms to international HIV prevention projects.  Durex’s target is 2.5 million messages and condoms, the same number of people infected with HIV last year.

*At the time of this post they have already reached 1.25 million messages.

“With the #1Share1Condom campaign we’re raising awareness of HIV and AIDS globally. On behalf of every person who gets involved by sharing an HIV message, Durex will donate a condom to an HIV prevention project. These projects are active in local communities across the world and we are delighted to join forces with them to help achieve an HIV-Free generation” – 1share1condom.

Why I’m Curious

This is a great fit for Durex and a wonderful way to promote awareness about HIV prevention.  What I like most about this, apart from supporting an important cause, is the campaign’s simplicity: simple message, simple activation.  To contribute, either write your own message or use of of Durex’s pre-composed social messages.  All you need to do is share and you’ve helped Durex get one step closer to their goal.


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