Crowdfunding: A Chance for Brands?

As economic difficulties linger on in most parts of the world Crowdfunding has become a way for individuals to club together resources to fund everything from park benches, bridges, community centers, etc. These projects are largely born of necessity, many ask, doesn’t government already do this? Don’t we already pay taxes? However, this is a time when government budgets are tighter than ever before, governments around the world are just not performing a lot of the services they have historically performed. There are a number of these types of ventures all over the world from sites like Spacehive, plank by plank, Brickstarter, etc. These sites offer a list of projects that people can pledge money towards. The money is only taken once the total funding needed has been reached, with the site charging a small fee on each donation. This concept is leveraging the Kickstarter model with a civic minded twist.

Why am I Curious?

I am curious about this platform as a way for brands to participate and bring to life their core brand values. If executed correctly it could provide an opportunity to demonstrate commitment to certain types of initiatives, impact certain localities of interest and galvanize online / social communities to work together towards a shared goal. It could be a meaningful and inspiring way to connect the attributes of a brand with the power of online community to manifest something in the physical realm.


Share your thoughts.

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