Ben & Jerry’s is asking its fans to capture the essence of “euphoria” on Instagram. By using the #captureeuphoria tag, the fun ice-cream brand will share the happy snaps on its “Capture Euphoria” gallery, and the best ones will be used in its upcoming ad campaigns.

Around 20 images will be used in local ads in partnership with creative agency Silver+Partners, and Haworth Marketing+Media. For one of the ads, the brand used a photo by Megan, an Instagramer and Ben & Jerry’s fan, and had it featured at the back of a magazine. The magazine was then handed out to the community where Megan lived. Check out the video below to see how you can participate in the campaign, and see how Megan reacted when she found out that she was the winner.

Why Am I Curious?

Many brands are attempting to develop campaigns to generate user-generated content and to get people to engage with the brand. However, what is really cool about the Ben & Jerry’s campaign is that it not only captures user content but also uses it to reinforce the brand promise – namely the feeling of euphoria for people that eat Ben & Jerry’s, in the most authentic and believable way possible. This is a great example of a picture being worth a thousand words and in this case, it does not even have to be a high quality photo.


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