Want by Svpply Creates Personalized Retail Magazines

Svpply, a product discovery and shopping service has created a new iOS app called Want, which delivers users a daily min-catalog of 50 products from the thousands that are uploaded by the Svpply community of tastemakers.

The app is designed to make it easier for consumers to find products relevant to them. The app prompts users to create a Svpply account log in, which lets Want tell whether to feature men’s, women’s or gender-neutral products in your customized magazine. When you find a recommended item you like, you can click the ‘Buy’ button which takes you to the brand’s website right within the app.

(via Fast Company)

Why I’m Curious

More and more brands are trying to tailor content that is customized to the user, but the big question is whether they can really make it as relatable as the consumer wants. The Want app is a great way for people to browse and find items they are interested in, but whether that becomes a real transaction is another story. I’m curious as to how these services that provide customized content or, in this case, ‘magazines’ will differ to one another and how brand partnerships can come into play.

Share your thoughts.

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