Smartphones fit to measure…


For anyone (i.e. men) who don’t enjoy the process of clothes shopping and yet have also been let down by disparity in sizing across brands (or wishful thinking) when ordering online, a solution is on the way.

Researchers in the UK have developed functionalitywhich can turn any smart device into a personal tailor to give what they claim are far more accurate measurements:

“Using a smartphone’s camera and height as a starting point, the software creates a 3D replica of your body, estimating size at various points. The researchers believe this will be a more accurate representation of your proportions than traditional ’small/medium/large/XL’ labels.”

 I am naturally skeptical of this. Not just because I doubt how accurate so called measurements will be, but more so as I believe that this will only work when the brands/manufacturers standardise sizing and input these 100% ‘honest’ sizes into the same system. 

Why am I curious?

Firstly, as I want to 34 Long to always mean a 34 long.

Beyond this I think such software could have all sorts of (more interesting) uses for consumers and marketing. More accurate facial mapping? Creating 3D models of yourself to input into Augmented Reality environments? Measuring ‘stuff’… and so on.

Share your thoughts.

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