Grab a Digital Song Simply by Holding Your Phone to The Sky

– Jordan

From Creativity-Online:

With AirFranceMusic, a music app designed by BETC for the French airline, users can listen to selected tracks simply by lifting their iPhone to the sky. The phone will automatically add the songs onto its playlist. The idea is that those on the ground can listen to the same selections as those on the planes, and the more you travel, the more you collect; the tracks available in the sky change depending on the country the user is in. Users can also test their musical knowledge and win prizes by finding hidden games in the sky.

Why I’m curious:

The most interesting thing to me about this app is that there is a required action by the user that essentially does nothing, but by doing this action the app can essentially create a different experience for the user. In this particular app the technology is tricking you in a way to have the experience simulate receiving a song fromt he sky, when in reality it is doing no such thing. By telling a consumer that the app is pulling in songs from the sky changes the users experience. I think that there will be a lot more of these types of mental shifts as digital and physical are merging. One cool example of this is this futuristic ATM that shows the money digitally going from the digital realm to the physical world, this example changes the users experience.


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