Every Stick Was a Lightsaber

This short film “The Mine Kafon” showcases one man’s solution to a complex, expensive, and dangerous problem – clearing explosives from current and former battlefields. This is an elegant and beautiful idea born of adversity and limited resources. The tools are perfect for the task at hand – inexpensive, readily available, reusable.

Why I’m Curious

Every stick I picked up as a child was a lightsaber. Maybe you were the same. Or you created forts out of sofa cushions, disassembled appliances to see what made them work – or not work. Created alien worlds out of gravel pits and old tires. We were children and imagination didn’t need filters.

Innovation isn’t creating something new from thin air – it’s dredging up things we once knew and understood and figuring out what to do with those things now.

I want to see this project funded – even to help assure it’s funded – and then to see these works of art rolling across deserts, helping once dangerous landscapes return to life.


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