App Lets Users Incorporate Their Surroundings Into a Video Game

From PSFK:

Litago is a Norwegian milk brand that is well-known for letting customers decide on new flavors. Recently, the company teamed up with Los & CO and B-Reel to create an interactive mobile game called ‘Snap ‘n Play.’ The app allows you to construct a level by taking a photo of your surrounding with your smartphone camera. The image is then analyzed and processed before a playable level is constructed in an instant.

According to B-Reel, the app “relies on an advanced image analysis algorithm to evaluate and trace the most fitting level construction in the users snapped image, finding shapes, edges and contrasts to create a contour that will act as a platform base.”

Users can also “edit” the level to optimize the gameplay, such as changing or adding obstacles, platforms, bonuses, and enemies. Once the level is created, it’s then fully shareable through Facebook and lets other players try to pass the level.

Why Am I Curious?

This is sust a neat use of technology to keep users engaged with a game that may otherwise be somewhat mundane or would blend into the other plethora of smartphone games. As it has been stated a million times, customization is key to engaging consumers and the fact that Litago is giving consumers a way to customize a game  – in endless ways nonetheless – is not only a recipe for unending procrastination but also a smart way to keep users engaged with brand for longer periods of time all the while staying on message. All around neat!


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