Technology Fixes Everything

Apple’s iOS 6 mapping app has made some famous mistakes – placing Dublin’s airport on a farm, putting train stations underwater, and even misplacing an Apple Store or two.

It’s also deepened the rift between Japan and South Korea over a disputed island chain, displaying its name according to both the Korean and Japanese parlance. (To be fair, Google has the same solution.)

But in a similar island dispute between Japan and China, Apple maps simply duplicates the islands. One set of Senkaku islands, and one set of Daioyu islands. (Again, Google has “shadow islands” if you zoom in and look, but someone took the time to hide the duplicates.)

This is easily fixable, right? But, wait…not so fast. I’m thinking glitches and mistakes are often starters for new ideas and inventions – important things like microwave ovens, potato chips, and Post-It Notes all came about by accident.

Why I’m Curious

Let’s see how this “solution” plays out on the international stage. Is the technology to blame, making the issue worse and making light of a serious problem, or does it open up another chance for dialogue?

Maybe it’s not a mistake, but a feature.

Share your thoughts.

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