RFID Bottle Tops Get the Party Started

UK cider brand Strongbow teamed up with London-based digital agency Work Club to create the first digital bottle tops. Called ‘StartCap’, when the RFID-enabled bottle top is opened, the tag under its foil becomes exposed—making it possible to trigger things remotely. By exposing the tag, signals get sent to a reader that recognizes the chip, and triggers a central computer in the network to activate a ‘switch’.

Lighting, music, and other unexpected things can be programed to set off when bottles are opened—for hosts to surprise their guests at parties. StartCap is currently a prototype, but is expected to launch throughout Europe soon. (more at Design Taxi)

Why I’m Curious

I like how Strongbow has tapped into a prime opportunity of actually starting the party when you crack open a bottle of cider. Like the QR code on beer bottle example from a few months back, this is a nice example of a product using a digital tool to fuel an experience on top of a social activity. The bottle top is still just a prototype but it would be interesting to see how this this kind of technology could be used to add to the experience of a CPG or elevate a bigger scale event.


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