Ignore Your Phone, Get Coupons

The movie theatre chain Cinemark introduced an new feature on its app for iPhone and Android that rewards moviegoers for not using their phone during the film. The “CineMode” feature enables you to earn digital coupons during the movie.

From PSFK,

If you activate it before the movie begins, your screen will automatically dim and you’ll be prompted to set your volume to vibrate. CNET reports that if you try to access your phone during the movie, the app will warn you that you won’t get your reward, but if you wait until the end you’ll get a coupon for a special offer at the cinema like discounted concessions.

Why I’m Curious

In a world that’s always connected, I thought it was interesting that we need to be rewarded for courtesy.  It’s interesting that Cinemark thought that this would be such a prime spot to activate the rewards, because it’s so hard for people to concentrate on one screen.


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