Esquire Integrates Shoppable Content Into Its December Issue

From PSFK:

Esquire magazine plans on trying something new for its December issue, which is set to hit newsstands November 20th. Using the smartphone app Netpage, readers will be given the option to scan individual pages of the magazine, which can then be viewed on their phones in PDF format. Users can then save, share and in some cases, shop the PDF pages right from their phone’s screen.

What makes Netpage so unique is the fact that unlike many other 2D-barcode and augmented reality apps, it doesn’t require barcodes or watermarks in order to initiate a page scan. Instead, it’s able to recognize images and pull up high-resolution duplicates on users’ phones. What’s more, the PDF’s that are uploaded to the phone can be saved in pieces, whether you want a specific photo, or a full page. If users find something they want to share, they are also given the option to upload the content to Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, or send it to colleagues via email or SMS.

Esquire has also partnered with to come up with a page of goods titled “Great American Things Collection.” Through integration into the Netpage app, the December issue will be completely shoppable, linking the Made Collection store into the content of Esquire’s pages.

Why I am Curious?

In an era where most of the headlines are talking about print as a dying breed, it is  quite innovative how Esquire is trying to expand the lifespan and engagement with the print magazine further into the digital world. There are obvious concerns around making premium print content so readily available online even though a lot of it already exists on However, given that Esquite is planning to make this Netpage add-on an ongoing feature of the magazine, it will be interesting to see if they try to keep it as a feature to support to enhance print experience or try to take advantage of monetization opportunities that can be through brands/advertisers and consumers.

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