Coke Revamps Web Site to Tell Its Story

New York Times:

Coca Cola is refreshing its corporate Web site for a new century, adopting an approach and attitude more akin to a consumer magazine than a business portal.

The new design is closer to a magazine, with content for consumers.

The company will give its site a makeover that executives describe as the most ambitious digital project they have undertaken.

To underline the intent to re-present the corporate Web site as an online magazine, it will be called Coca-Cola Journey, after a magazine named Journey that was published for the company’s employees from 1987 to 1997.

The reorganized Web site will offer articles on subjects like entertainment, the environment, health and sports, including longer pieces given prominence in the same way that magazines play up cover pieces. Interviews, opinion columns, video and audio clips, photo galleries and blogs also will be featured.


Coca-Cola is replacing its old Web site, above.

Why I’m Curious:
I think this change further exemplifies the shift from traditional static corporate pages, to interactive, news driven pages that more and more corporations seem to be adopting. It just goes to show the importance of a brand establishing themselves as a publisher, or almost mini media company. 

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