App Transforms Digital Donations for Salvation Army

As our eyes begin to watch the trees, garland and lights transform New York this season, our ears will soon hear the familiar chime of the Salvation Army bell. However this year, donations may look a little different. Apple’s new Donation Box app project was designed by a group of students interning at 360i in New York. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy their attention turned to creating a more socially responsible app for the digital era.

From 12ahead: As the promo video shows the app aims to “turn[ing] digital goods into donations;” for each unused app that iPhone owners drag and drop into the Donation Box, Apple will donate the sum of that app to the charity.

This app encourages users to put what they don’t need to much better use. Increasingly more inventive and digital-only options to donating to charity are emerging, proving that in this ever-growing digital market our behaviours are finding more convenient and digital ways of carrying out life tasks.

“The Donation Box takes this symbol of our digital consumerism, unneeded applications, and brings them back to the real world. And at the same time it does it altruistically. All that was left was to come up with a simple UI mechanic and bingo, there you have it,” Westley Taylor, an intern behind it all, reports.

Why I’m Curious: I love how the creative minds behind the Donation Box app have found a convenient way for today’s online spender to donate money to the Salvation Army, in a digitally relevant world. They’ve streamlined the donation process and will now transform people’s lives because of it.

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