You can now add interactive images to your tweets

From Mashable:

Twitter introduced Cards this summer, enabling media publishers to include quick synopses and article photos in tweets, and allowing the rest of us to view linked pictures and videos without leaving Twitter at all.

But that experience just gained a lot more potential on Monday with the added ability to include interactive images powered by ThingLink in tweets.

  • Users and brands, can spruce up images with links to other pieces of digital content. 
  • Icons pop up when users hover over the image then, with a click, open up YouTube channels, audio clips, Facebook or Pinterest profiles, home pages, contact forms or anything else you would normally be able to link to the old-fashioned way

Check out this tweet by country music artist Joy Collins for a hands-on example:


Why I’m Curious:

As Mashable said, “that ability to include one jumping off point for a range of online destinations from Twitter itself has the potential to be pretty huge, especially for brands and marketers.” I think the ability to include several links and endpoints will allow for some interesting uses, these interactive images can almost function as a mini landing page.  


Share your thoughts.

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