Turkish University Uses Timeline to Gamify Future

Newly opened Ozu University in Istanbul wanted to attract top students, but was struggling to do so without having any testimonials from previous alumni. To boost the number of prospective students, it developed the “Game of Your Life” Facebook app that allowed players to theoretically make choices that manifest into posts on their timeline.

This was the first app to take a social network’s timeline and combine its past data and present choice to create a version of the future, allowing students to visualize their lives. The most successful applicants were given the chance to apply for a scholarship to the university.

Users take part by making a number of real-life choices pertaining to their university experiences. Each decision made had a direct influence on the players’ life. And each decision would manifest itself in a post on the player’s timeline, be it a video, photo, check-in, like or status update, thanks to the app having generated a bank of pre-created content; 5,000 photos and videos, 1,300 mini scenarios and posts.

Timelines were then saved as video CVs and sent to the public vote and jury election. The shortlist was then brought in to pitch in front of the jury for one minute as to why they were the most eligible candidate for the scholarship.

The campaign itself is said to have generated:

  • 250,000 unique visitors
  • $2 million earned media coverage

As well as this the agency claims that 1,000 of the nation’s top students admitted they would never have considered Ozu if it hadn’t had been for the Game of Your Life Facebook app.

Why I’m Curious: This scheme proves how a useful digital interpretation of our lives can have real-world applications. While I’m curious just how true-to-life these virtual decisions actually were in representing prospective student behavior, I still think the concept of gamifying the future to solve education solutions is fascinating. I love the way the digital agency answered a very real problem for a new university and leveraged creative timeline manipulation as well as incentive to generate such positive results.


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