Starbucks Offers Personalized Songs to Fans

What kind of song would you like with your new ‘Refresha’ beverage? In China, Starbucks launched a campaign leveraging the popular social messaging platform, WeChat, to offer personalized songs to consumers.

The simple program works like this: scan a QR on in-store tents, posters or cup sleeves to ‘friend’ the Starbucks WeChat account. Then text one of 26 emoticons to Starbucks and they will respond with a specially designed song to uplift your mood.

To date, Starbucks’ 128,000 WeChat friends texted their emotion more than 238,000 times. And as a result, the coffee chain reported an uplift in sales and 9% increase in fans on Sina Weibo.

Why I’m Curious

In China, more than 200 million people use WeChat. This campaign is a great example of making use of this large user base to reach consumers, rather than creating a new app that they need to download to their phone. But on the flipside of making good use of an app that consumers are already utilizing, there is a risk for brands intrude in a space that is mainly used for communicating with friends and family.




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