Pinterest launches secret boards

From The Next Web:

Pinterest today launched secret boards: the company is gradually rolling out a test that enables anyone to create three of them. Pinterest suggests you use secret boards to keep track of holiday gifts, plan a special event, or work on a project you aren’t yet ready to share with the rest of the world. You can keep your secret boards to yourself, or contrary to their name, invite family and friends to pin with you.

This is a big launch for Pinterest. When you add a pin to a secret board, it won’t show up anywhere else on Pinterest. You can’t make existing boards secret because other Pinterest users may have already repinned from your board, although this may change in the future.

To create a secret board on the Web version of Pinterest, visit your profile, scroll down to the bottom, and then click “Create a Secret Board.” You can also click Add+ on the top right-hand corner of Pinterest to select “Create Board” and turn the Secret button to “On.”


Why I’m Curious:

I feel like this could be useful for brands planning Pinterest campaigns, they could load and set everything up, and allow the boards to go “live” when a campaign launches, or on a certain date.


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