Le Tote is Like Netflix for Fashion

Le Tote is a new fashion-rental subscription service based in San Francisco that works similarly to Netflix and Airbnb. Members pay a monthly fee of $49 and receive a bag that includes three pieces of clothing and two accessories.

From PSFK,

The fashion items can be worn, and exchanged for new ones as long as the user has an active subscription. Le Tote is targeted at young, female shoppers who are constantly seeking ways to refresh and update their wardrobes. Unlike the popular fashion rental service Rent the Runway, Le Tote aims to provide everyday type of clothing rather than high-fashion pieces.

If a member really loves the item, they have the option to purchase it as well. The site is still in beta and has over 10,000 members.

Why I’m Curious

I’m interested to see if Le Tote gains popularity the way Rent the Runway did. Rent the Runway had a specific target of high-end items for special occasions like weddings and events where people didn’t want to dish out a ton of money for a few hours. Not to mention, the few hours of wearing from Rent the Runway makes the clothes stay in mediocre shape. I’m curious to see if the quality deteriorates fast due to everyday wear, which would defeat the purpose of the service.


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