Jam with Chrome

Google has released a new Chrome Experiment that lets users compose songs with up to three friends in different locations. ‘JAM with Chrome‘ is an interactive web app that enables you to play music together in real-time. It uses HTML5 features such as the Web Audio API, Websockets, Canvas, and CSS3.

You can choose from 19 different instruments including acoustic guitars, drum kits, and keyboards, and you can switch instruments whenever you like. There is a default “easy mode” that lets you experiment by clicking individual strings, drum pads or keys, and a “pro mode” for playing any instrument using your keyboard. Invite friends to join your jam session via the sharing buttons on the site.

Why I’m Curious

While this is a fun tool for friends to collaborate and jam online (in absence of a garage), I’m interested to see if/how ‘big music’ picks up on this. As the music industry gets more and more interactive and creative, this could be a great opportunity for bands to further engage their fans.  The Arcade Fire experimented with Chrome a few years ago in the much lauded interactive video for The Wilderness Downtown.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Justin Bieber’s next single incorporated a chorus created in collaboration with his fans via Jam with Friends…Shotgun the drums…


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