Evian: MeloTweet

What if you’re tweets could be turned into music? Evian, is making that happen with MeloTweet.

From Creativity:

Melotweet a new iPad and Android tablet app from Evian, that converts your Twitter feed into a musical experience. Designed by French agency Ned Ludd, the app represents tweets as little “droplets” falling from the top of the screen. As the user drags and drops objects from the left panel onto the main screen of the app, each time a tweet touches one of them, it makes a sound. Users can compose their own musical pattern, change its speed, or pause it to read tweets quietly.

Why I’m Curious:

This is an interesting way to use Twitter. I am not how many people will use it or for how long, but changing the way that people interact with a commonly used social platform is definitely a good way to show that you are trying new things and make social media exciting for the users while promoting your brand.




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