Big Brands and Startups Help Out During and After Hurricane Sandy

With the subways and power out, Uber’s black car drivers were in huge demand. In order to get the drivers to pick up Uber customers, the company started paying them two times their normal rate.

There were more than 20,000 Airbnb listings available in affected areas. So Airbnb waived all fees for these spaces, encouraging their entire community to help anyone who had been left stranded because of the Hurricane.

With flooded offices, lost power, downed data centers and a struggling subway network, New York co-working spaces and companies found room for Sandy’s refugees, providing internet and office space for workers in need.

Duracell brought mobile charging stations to Battery Park and New Jersey as well as computers with Internet access to allow people affected by Hurricane Sandy to use their email and social media accounts.

AT&T sent out hotspot trucks to alleviate the crippled communications system. The trucks sprayed both Wi-Fi and cellular in a radius around them.

In partnership with JetBlue, 12 NYC Food Trucks provided hot meals to people living without power in five locations throughout the city. Even though the airline was grounded in New York and could not offer flights, they still provided food to people in need and humanized their brand in the process. Chase Bank also helped with KorillaBBQ Truck’s efforts.

Why I’m Curious
Big brands helping out with relief efforts is nothing new, and at times is somewhat expected. What I was most interested in were the smaller tech startups that also joined in on the efforts and worked to help with Hurricane Sandy relief. In particular, these startups also showed their importance and established themselves even more by putting their offerings to work during the Hurricane.


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