American express, Xbox sync up to change console advertising

American Express has launched a cobranding gaming experience with Microsoft’s Xbox that allows members to sync their card with their Xbox Live Gamertag to unlock exclusive content and offers. Adweek reports that card members will be able to receive deals from AMC Theaters and PacSun that give them cash back after spending a certain amount, and also a $10 statement credit from American Express. These couponless deals are automatically loaded to card members’ accounts when they select them from the American Express tile on the Xbox dashboard.

Special experiences and additional rewards can also be unlocked from American Express by earning specific achievements in the new video game Halo 4. These include offers such as a “Spend $100, Get $50″ deal from Best Buy or a $25 statement credit from American Express. The first 25 U.S. gamers to complete the challenging “Lone Wolf Legend” campaign will win a trip to the E3 2013 video game conference.

Why I’m curious

After testing the syncup idea with Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, Amex finally took one step further to target gamers, who are likely early adopters of tying their credit card to online accounts. Although combining interactive entertainment with offline benefits is not a new idea after Kiip, this Amex campaign offers a more seamless user experience with an integrated and scalable approach, given that it holds the potential of including personalized offers and being expanded to other Xbox games or Xbox Live apps, such as Netflix or Hulu Plus.


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