Orchestra Plays Symphony Composed of Tweets

From PSFK:

The Metropole Orchestra will utilize Twitter to raise awareness of the fact that its subsidy and existence is under threat. Agencies Havas Worldwide Amsterdam and Perfect Fools have collaborated to create ‘Tweetphony‘, a symphony of tweets.

Participants can visit the campaign site to use a digital piano interface to compose their music and listen to others’. They can then tweet it, turning the musical notes into the letters associated with them. People clicking on the link in the tweet will be taken to the site, where they can listen to the tune on a bespoke music player.

The orchestra will pick the most interesting tweets and play a special live concert on October 26th. Short videos of the orchestra playing the tweets will be posted on YouTube and a live stream will also be broadcast.

Why Am I Curious?

I find it very interesting how they took something, appealing to a specific audience and perhaps an older audience, and made it  relevant to a much broader audience through the use of technology while at the same time raising awareness of their cause. Sometimes it takes something cute-sy like this for people to stop, pay attention and get invested in a cause and digital technology provides ample opportunity for expanding reach and creating low-touch/high-entertainment engagements that can lead to action.


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