Icelanders wrote constitution draft via Facebook, and they “like” it

The background story: A year ago, in the wake of a crushing recession and raging protests, the Island government decided to ask its citizens for help to rewrite its constitution. Rather than requesting petitions, letters, or phone calls, the government asked people to help draft the new constitution through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr. Over the course of the year, Iceland’s citizens offered roughly 3,600 comments and 370 suggestions on the draft constitution, which was then drawn up by 25 members of a constitutional council, according to Reuters.Two-thirds of Iceland’s population is on Facebook, so during the drafting period the council’s weekly meetings were broadcasted live on the council’s website, as well as on the social network. Citizens were able to make their own suggestions, engage in online debates, and follow the proceedings in real-time.

The outcome: On Oct 26th, it was announced that the country’s citizens officially back the draft constitution, according to Reuters. In a referendum held over the weekend, two-thirds of voters said they wanted to use the crowdsourced constitution as the basis for the country’s new constitution.

Why I’m curious:

Brands should start to think more around the idea of using Facebook as a crowd-sourcing platform to engage fans in brands’ initiatives. Facebook share all the capabilities other existing crowd-sourcing platforms have, i.e., engaged community, allowing real-time response and direct communication. And it also has one unique capability that could be quite useful in certain initiatives, it tells you how much one specific fan engaged with the brand in the past. Think about if Pepsi Refresh live on Facebook instead, by drawing a connection between voters and brand fans, and how much they engaged with the brand in the past, it can provide insightful data on if the CSR initiative is successful on both social and business level.


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