IKEA Introduces AR App

IKEA Now is a new free app that lets users see how furniture will look in your home before you buy them.

From PSFK,

IKEA Now offers the ability to take a photo and read more IKEA product information. Business Insider reports that while you aim your smartphone camera at a certain place within your home, you can pick an item from the app’s catalog and “insert” the augmented reality image.

The first version of the app features the 50 most popular pieces of furniture, but the developers announced they hope to add more as well as integrate social sharing.

Why I’m Curious

IKEA and other furniture stores have offered consumers virtual rooms to see how various pieces could fit into a certain size space. However, IKEA went a step further, allowing consumers to see the room, not a 10-inch version on their computers.

I’m curious to see what happens when social sharing is integrated into the app. Then it will not only allow the user to see how the furniture looks, but also solicit opinions from friends and family. It almost gives buying furniture the quality of buying clothes


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