I’d drink to that: The Jameson Mobile Game

Mobile game apps from a liquor campaign ad? Why not.

From DigitalBuzz:

Jameson Irish Whiskey has launched a huge Blippar activation in Australia for the launch of their new RTDs. The Blippar campaign turns the bottle (where ever it is seen) into a game when scanned with the Blippar App, which is powered by Image Recognition technology on an Augmented Reality Platform, creating ‘playable’ billboards, adshells, websites, banner ads, the Facebook app and even the real bottle itself, to launch the game from any smartphone.

The campaign was created by VML here in Sydney, and activates a multi-million dollar outdoor media buy to integrate the outdoor campaign with the digital campaign. Nice work team!

Check out how it works here:

Why I’m Curious:

Recently we’ve doing a lot of work on an Augmented Reality game for Verizon. So when I came across this, I was very interested in how Jameson integrated the app into their campaigns. It is great that they are able to use AR and NFC to make their billboards and even bottles part of the experience. As mobile games continue to grow in popularity it will be interesting to see how other companies tie the game back to the brand and have their social and traditional campaigns tie back into the app.

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