A skip, jump and Timehop away.

Remember when Timehop was a handy little site that let you travel back in (social) time and see what you were up to on an exact day in history a year ago via an email digest? Well, they got it together to make an iPhone app that pulls together your data from nearly every social network (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, flickr and your phone’s camera roll) since you signed up for that network and pushes it back to you in a handy little shareable format.

The app is free, and enables you to share your found memories with others, too.

Why I’m Curious

While social networks may have initially been considered throw-away bits of content (perhaps due to their ease of creation?), times have changed. With social network usage becoming ubiquitous across all sorts of people, many memories are now stored within these networks, and the desire to access that information is even more important. Timehop’s provided an easy (digital) way of accessing content from the past, enabling self-reflection and a nice dose of nostalgia along the way. I do wonder why social networks themselves haven’t made this sort of time travel easier – one could argue Facebook was trying to address this with Timeline – and whether this will become a priority moving forward. Something to keep an eye on.



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