Who’s in?

Tequila brand Jose Cuervo will next week release an international multi-platform campaign which it will focus on what it describes as ‘one of life’s universal characters’, The Instigator.

Peter Gutierrez, managing director at Jose Cuervo International said that the campaign aimed to tap into the universal insight around friends and tequila – that every group has an instigator who makes things happen and that their sense of spontaneity can create a ‘Cuervo Moment’.

“That Cuervo Moment exists everywhere…” Jason Goodman, CEO of Albion London, commented: “The Cuervo brand is all about the ‘here and now’. The ‘Who’s In? campaign we have created with Peter and the team brings this brand truth to life, and in doing so ‘hands over the controls’ to our consumers. The platform around this campaign is really exciting.”

The second phase of the campaign will see the launch of the ‘Who’s In?’ button online, in a partnership with Time Out and Skiddle.com that has been integrated with Facebook which allows instigators to invite friends to create their own unique night out.

The button also uses Foursquare and Instagram to offer details of local bars and restaurants. Through Vice and Spotify, bespoke play lists can also be created.

Created by Albion London, the 60 second advert will be supported online and through experiential activity.


Why I’m Curious:

Having spent the past 85 hours talking about “meaningful engagements” I was on the hunt today for a brand that is actually creating them, and defining what that means. It’s all about tapping a consumer insight – a universal truth between your brand and your consumers – and creating an experience for your consumers that says – we know you’re already doing this, we want to be in on that moment too. We want you to connect that moment with our brand, not just the product.

For Tequilla it’s that there’s a bottle, a group of friends, and someone getting out of hand. What is it for the brand you are working on?


Source: The Drum

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